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Monday, October 17, 2016

What does apathy and irreverent worship lead to?

Earlier this year, a worship service in New York served as a modern day example of the lewdness involved with some worship. A new church was starting, a Hillsong church, and at the opening there was a women's conference which, of course featured Hillsong.  Thinking about the passage in Exodus 32 and the lewdness portrayed there, this was similar.  The article is found here, Please copy and paste:

Apathy and irreverent in worship, over time, will result in an "anything goes" and an "I'm doing this unto the Lord..." attitude.  The Lord has said in his word how he is to be approached.  Some churches might be a few years from this and others might be a few steps, but if Christians are not steadfast in the way they approach worship, God will not accept it and there will be dangerous consequences. 

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